Who We Are

Stepping Stone Fitness is a health and wellness company committed to creating a unique and safe environment, where every fitness goal is welcome. Our Group Fitness program provides a welcoming, cost-efficient program for our clients to achieve their goals. We educate our members on proper exercise techniques, give nutritional guidance, and embed healthier life choices. The positive energy created here permeates to your lifestyle outside the gym.


Why Choose Us

Unlike other big name corporations, we here at Stepping Stone Fitness stress safety, always follow scientific principles when creating programs, and attention to detail. Two certified fitness professionals on the floor during every workout offers proper form to each individual. Our training programs are fun, safe, and incorporate both strength and conditioning. The Stepping Stone Fitness program prepares individuals to reach their peak potential by educating our members on proper exercise techniques, nutritional guidance, and embedding healthier life choices with the positive energy that is created here permeates to your life outside the gym.

Boot Camp Seminars

We offer the best equipment with a clean and safe environment built for the ensurance of success for our family.


We offer customized meal plans tailored to each individual's specific needs. No cookie cutter solutions here! Everyone is different and we know that, which is why all meal plans are made just for you!


We hope to foster a family dynamic here and are always a phone call or text message away to answer any questions throughout the day.

Personal Support

Our tailor-made afterburn workouts are comprised of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training, which causes your body to burn up to twice as much fat and calories than most traditional workouts, while keeping your metabolism at a higher rate.


Let us help YOU become the next success!

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